“Hellooo Akka !! This is Wild Ideas.”
She is the voice that greets you when you call Wild Ideas.  Her journey in Wild Ideas is a remarkable story of determination and courage.

Suganthi joined Wild Ideas as the only tailor for our cloth bags 6 years ago.  At one point Wild Ideas needed a person to handle billing and take care of customer needs.  This meant computer knowledge. We were delightfully surprised when Suganthi (a quiet and reserved person) stepped up and said “Akka, I want to learn and do this.”  She was a little apprehensive since she has only been to school till 8th grade.  But the women encouraged her to try.  She showed great courage and determination to learn something that was completely foreign to her and out of her comfort zone.  She is now a confident, ever smiling, determined young lady ready to take on any challenge that life brings her.