Seven years back, Kalaivani’s husband, a tailor by profession, abandoned her and disappeared overnight after failing to repay a hefty loan of Rs. 6 lakhs. She was left alone to face the relentless pressure of debtors. Added to this was the torment from villagers who heaped insults on her. It was at this time, she came to Wild Ideas, desperate for any job. In the last five years, Kalaivani has gone from strength to strength. From a woman reeling in abject poverty, she has quietly and very determinedly charted her way out of her problems.

Today, thanks to financial literacy and discipline inculcated in Wild Ideas, she has repaid her husband’s debt. Her two children are not only fed but pursue studies with the help of the education sponsorship program of Wild Ideas. From a woman who felt she had no social skill she now interacts, quite confidently, with individuals as far-ranging as tailor machine mechanics to bank clerks. But more importantly, Kalaivani sees a future ahead of her and she is convinced that she can move forward.