The Story of the humble Soap Berry

Almost all of the North, it goes by the name Aritha/Reetha, but this magical berry goes by many names in the South of India. From Boondi kottai/ponnankottai/Noikottai (kottai is nut in Tamil) to Punnankotta in Malayalam to Kookatakayi in Kannada to Kukudu Kayalu in Telugu. 

Usually found in dry, deciduous forests and margins of grasslands, this little berry was part of almost every Indian home till the time detergents became the norm in our homes. Our grandparents used it for almost all their cleaning activities, floors, bathrooms, dishes, clothes and especially silk.  Its wonderful properties are many, and today, the humble soap nut berry is an important part of our product development at Wild Ideas.


The soapnut tree is tall and grand and we are always in awe when we harvest its berries.  Ethical harvesting is taught and practiced, and so at all times, we ensure to not over harvest. November to March is the flowering-fruiting season, and at the onset of summer, they are harvested, dried, and the shell separated from the nut before pounding and powdering it. 

Our laundry wash powder, dish wash powder, dish wash bar, hair care powders, body wash powders all have the goodness of soap berries in them.  Hope you join us in using and celebrating one of nature’s greatest cleaners.

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