The Colourful World of Product Labelling

As a rural livelihood project, our challenges have been unique. When we embarked on creating wonderful alternatives using natural ingredients and native knowledge, little did we know that we would be turning conventional wisdom of product labelling on its head.

For most people, a product label is all about how the world outside sees and perceives the brand. It is important for us too–we wanted our customers to perceive Wild Ideas as a world class brand. But for us, we had another challenge that was more pertinent and critical.

How do we get the women to identify the different products and paste the right label? Most of our women have never been formally educated.  Many haven’t seen a school.  This is where colours came in.   Each label was designed in a way that easily differentiated it for the women who were packing it and provided a clear  product identity.  When one of our women sees the pink lily she knows – “Ah ha! its our Dish wash powder.”  The “Fern” leaf representing the “I” of Wild takes on various colours depending on the product. The vibrant colours on our labels tell the story of the land with the hills and streams, flora and fauna, and so much more that is unique to Tiruvannamalai and the women of Wild Ideas! 

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