Dish Wash Solutions

Weight: 500g | MRP: Rs 120 

Our absolute favourite!!! Wild Ideas launched into existence with this as our first product. As organic farmers we always used to wonder why we weren’t paying attention to the vessels we cooked in and how they were cleaned and maintained. The goodness of organic produce cooked in vessels with chemical residue negates the very reason we bought the organic produce in the first place. Further, the forest and the farm give us bountiful cleaners that are so effective, have anti bacterial properties, wash-off easily with less water and are wonderful on your skin. This powder doesn’t cause dryness and a burning sensation on your skin.

Made from leaves, seeds and berries from the forest, this is our absolute best seller. Measure out desired quantity of powder with a dry spoon. Mix the powder and a little water in a bowl to make a paste. Dip a wet sponge in the paste and use on dishes. The amount of water used to wash your dishes will reduce dramatically. What you are left with is clean, sparkling vessels with no residue.

We now offer a range of Dishwash Solutions: in the classic Traditional Powder form, a convenient Bar Soap and an easy to use Liquid Dishwash solution.